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Watamu Tree House hotel - Tour

Watamu Tree House hotel

  • Watamu, Kilifi County
  • Per Room
Starting from KSh 29,500

Unique, refreshing and inspiring All our rooms have their own unique design and personal touches. Experience the magnificence of the daily sunrise and sunset, overlooking indigenous forest and the ocean. Living in Nature Treehouse co-exists with the original coastal forest of Watamu. The towers were built on existing clearings in the forest without cutting trees and with the intention of preserving the forest. Wildly unique and something for everyone We have seven suites and rooms on offer. Every room provides an unforgettable experience. All of our rooms are doubles – ensuite rooms with their own bathroom, toilet and shower.  The rooms all overlook the sunrise over the ocean or the sunset over the forest – and most rooms overlook both. We have a cool pool and our own private path to the beach – about 4 minutes through the indigenous forest.  Rooms on the 3rd level (3) Treehouse has three lower level rooms. Well, we say lower… however the rooms are still 3 stories in the air and still have amazing views. All rooms have multiple beds and their own en-suite bathroom. Treehouse rooms all have nets, towels, bathrobes and everything you need except your personal toiletries. Lower level rooms are just as nice as Upper level rooms; they just do not have the same views. However, the best view of all is from the yoga room lounge at the top, and everyone has access to it Rooms on the 4th and 5th level (4) Two of the upper level rooms are huge rooms that can be configured as a double, a twin (two beds), or a triple with three beds. One of these rooms can even take a family of four or five. The other two upper rooms have one double or super-king bed and are great for couples and good friends. Starbed on the roof It is the most open room - for the adventurous. Slow down, let’s just be Relax on one of our verandas or sublime rooftop lounging spaces. Grab a fresh smoothie and chill out. This is life in a treehouse.

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